How we're able to do it
by Jeb Hunsinger
November 10, 2022
INVISR’s special focus on the mid-market is enabled by our unique position as both the providers and implementators of technology, and how we apply this structure to our clients.

As discussed in our previous blog post, INVISR’s special focus on the mid-market is enabled by our unique position as both the providers and implementators of technology, and how we apply this structure to our clients - Learn More.

This outwardly disruptive strategy is also applied inwardly, where we are subverting the traditional model of building a technology company.

The legacy model conforms to the expectations of venture capitalists and private equity. In other words, to be able to easily explain the privately-held start-up business to investors as you raise money, in terms they understand and have made money on in the past. 

For a traditional ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) company, it is a laser focus on subscriber and revenue growth. While there will inevitably be some service-based revenue mixed in, the goal is full focus on gaining additional users as quickly as possible, bypassing key fundamentals like creative solution delivery and general profitability. 

And implicit within this is annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth, which requires built-in structural elements that increase the costs of the clients that use the platform or product the most. Each incremental user, use case, feature set, and integrated system comes with a series of meetings with one of their quota-carrying sales representatives and an order form. Also built-in are annual price increases; endless renegotiations built around keeping their clients captive in order to extract more and more dollars.    

In short, to extract as much cash from your most successful customers.

And currently for the largest of SaaS firms (most but not all publicly traded companies), the wealthiest most profitable companies ever created are initiating mass layoffs. Not because they are failing, but because institutional investors pressure short-term, quarterly earnings focused C-suites and boards of directors to become even more profitable.  

For a traditional consulting company, it is laser focused on revenue per employee. Because the vast majority of service-based employees are billable, this leads to a structural and operational focus on billing for every minute spent with a client. And with every hour fed directly to accounts receivable, the incentive structure is perverted away from relationship management and client service, towards revenue maximization.  

Absent from either focal point is the customer, and how they are able to benefit from the partnership.  

We subvert this model by prioritizing building a company we’re proud of above ambition for personal wealth. 

INVISR’s goal isn’t to make billionaires of its founders.  

INVISR has not, nor is ever seeking, venture funding.  

For us, running a profitable business is enough.  

We can leverage the complementary Polystack and implementation services sides of our business to price both more competitively than our competitors and remain profitable. 

This simplistic approach directly correlates to value to our clients by:

  • A transparent and limitless Polystack license pricing structure that eliminates cost as a barrier to greater adoption
  • A generous group of partners to engage with, more focused on providing valuable solutions and enjoying their work than on maximizing billable hours 

 This ethos is core to our focus on the mid market - to build a business we can be proud of. To build a business of a previous generation; before venture greed replaced reciprocity.