As a component-based low-code application development platform, one of Polystack’s core usages is the deployment of branded and customized portals. With a portal built by Polystack, you can securely expose any number of data sources for any use case, with completely customizable branding for your customers, partners, and employees.

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Customer & Partner Portal

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Employee Intranet

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Mobile Apps

In our experience as digital transformation consultants, INVISR built a number of portal solutions for their customers leveraging expensive technologies that require months and years of implementation time. This was challenging for two main reasons:

  • The provisioning of quality authenticated web experiences was limited to firms with a large digital budget

  • The expense of implementation significantly limited iteration, white labeling, and A/B testing, leading to suboptimal user experiences

With these limitations in mind, INVISR built Polystack. Polystack is a new type of platform, enabling world class digital experiences to the mid market: no longer is it cost prohibitive to provide the level of digital experience customers, partners, and employees have come to expect.  

Now with Polystack, INVISR’s digital transformation consultants can leverage our expertise helping organizations improve the digital experiences offered to their constituents much faster with a higher total ROI.  Together, INVISR and Polystack enable a much lower total cost of ownership for a world class digital experience.

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Build an authenticated experience for your customers and partners, integrated in real-time to any combination of back office platforms. In as little as four weeks, go-live with a completely branded experience.

With Polystack, leverage an existing portal solution like Salesforce Communities for security and authentication, or any existing external authentication provider as the security framework for any web or mobile user interface.  

Contact us at to learn about how quickly and affordably your organization can improve the digital experience offered to your constituents with Polystack!