INVISR today announced its first Salesforce Financial Services Cloud solution, powered by INVISR's Polystack platform.  Polystack for Mortgage Loan Origination extends the power of Salesforce to support the full end-to-end mortgage lead to fulfillment solution for lenders, borrowers, and brokers.  This is the first of INVISR's Polystack for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud solutions; architected to extend the power of Salesforce while minimizing the time and cost to implement traditionally complex solutions. 

"We are ecstatic to be bringing our Polystack Mortgage Loan Origination product to market to extend the power of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud enabling a fully configurable user experience with native integration technology that can connect to any API in minutes," said Tal Gozhansky, INVISR co-founder.  "With our Polystack for Mortgage Loan Origination framework, mortgage lending organizations are able to realize improved data consistency and higher productivity while providing a robust platform to support the day-to-day business processes of borrowers, lenders, and brokers."

Polystack for Mortgage Loan Origination extends Salesforce's Financial Services Cloud to support core use cases, including:

  • Lead Creation, Management, and Conversion

  • Application and Loan Questionnaire Management

  • Automatic Household Groupings

  • Credit Check with One-Click Decisioning

  • Streamlined Loan

  • Pre-Qualification

  • Streamlined Loan Origination

  • SMS/Email Marketing with De-Duplication

  • Commission & Goal-Tracking

  • LO/MB Team Management & Tracking

  • Referral Process Management

  • Integrated Customized Pricing with Configurable Post Processing

  • Approval/Due Diligence Checklist

  • Real-Time Loan Status

  • View of Borrower and Agent/3rd Party Relationships

  • Reports & Data Visualization

  • Real Estate Agent Portal

  • 3rd Party Originator Portal

  • Borrower Portal