When my business partners and I launched INVISR as a Salesforce Implementation consultancy in early 2015, it made sense.  Our launch team had decades of collective Salesforce consulting expertise, there was a clearly defined need within the marketplace, and we had relationships within the Salesforce ecosystem to help get us off the ground.  In the subsequent three years, our team at INVISR built a profitable consulting business with a capacity for growth.

So then why?  Why, after spending years building a successful consulting business, would we throw our hat into the ring of the hypercompetitive software product marketplace?  A marketplace with much more risk, less certainty, and where relationships carry less weight. Why’d we do it?

As technology consultants, we focused our careers on the Salesforce platform because of the power of its vision.  Adopting cloud technology well before it was in vogue, Salesforce has been two steps ahead of the market since its inception almost two decades ago.  And Salesforce continues to innovate today, rapidly expanding the ability to transform their customer’s ability to run their businesses.

Yet still, consulting companies like INVISR are plentiful given the time required to configure and customize an enterprise application  to their customer’s needs. Worse still, when a firm purchases an enterprise technology solution, they are frequently unaware of the implementation complexity necessary to tailor the technology to their use cases, which translates both to dollars and timeline.   Over our time as consultants for the hundreds of customers we’ve worked with, we couldn’t help wondering: shouldn’t this be easier?

Our answer is Polystack;  built to extend and complement the power of applications and enterprise solutions like Salesforce.  Polystack is a low-code application development platform constructed to increase our client’s ability to leverage their existing enterprise technology stack, with a significantly reduced cost and time to market.  

For example, Polystack solutions for Salesforce can enhance the already great features to extend beyond typical use cases; like of Loan Origination, Project Management, and building a completely customized  UI/UX front-end for a customer portal, website mobile app and more. Polystack can also integrate with any datasource using configuration only within minutes; no need for code. And because it is hosted on AWS, our client’s can build on Polystack with their own resources; no need for our customer’s to train their IT staff on a new technology.   

So why’d we do it?  Because we love the direction enterprise technology like Salesforce is spearheading, yet  know that Polystack can compliment the market and do even more for their customers with less time and money.

Hit us up at info@polystack.com to learn what it can do for you!

Tal Gozhansky