INVISR Recognized at MIDMRKT CIO Forum

INVISR was recognized by the MIDMRKT Forum as named finalists in two categories: Best MIDMRKT Solution, Service and Best MIDMRKT CIO Forum Newcomer. The MIDMRKT Forum was held this past week in Tucson, Arizona, where over 80 CIOs across various industries evaluated the pitch of over 50 product and service companies.

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“It was humbling and an honor to be nominated in two categories and being mentioned amongst so many wonderful companies”, said INVISR Co-Founder Tal Gozhansky.  “We were extremely excited about the reception we received from all of the CIOs we spoke with and are looking forward to helping them on their digital transformation journey. I was and continue to be exceptionally proud of the INVISR team and Polystack!”

About the MIDMRKT Suite

The the MIDMRKT Suite’s mission is to connect midmarket executives to their peers, partners and information, through intimate events, an exclusive online portal, and a vendor network. Powered by an algorithm, our clients are perfectly matched, enabling and driving strategic growth, critical decisions, and trusted partnerships.  At MIDMRKT Suite, we believe that success and opportunity are boundless, rooted and cultivated through trusted partnerships.

We launched Boardroom Events in 2007 with a single-minded goal: To create best-in-class business development and networking experiences for leaders in the technology industry. Our team pioneered the concept of hosted boardroom meetings over a decade ago, and we are dedicated to creating experiences that are productive, engaging, and valuable.

Now, as MIDMRKT Suite, we provide a year round experience for IT Executives and Solution Providers, building a nucleus of engagement, resources and connections. A significant factor in the success of MIDMRKT Suite is the high-quality, exclusive, and personal experience we provide to our executives and partners. Attendees of the MIDMRKT Forum and members of MIDMRKT Connect, are curated by our team, ensuring the value and exclusivity of the community.  MIDMRKT delivers relationships and insights that matter. Because business is personal.



End-to-end Digital Transformation Journey with INVISR and Polystack

For many of the technology professionals that we talk to every day, digital transformation is top of mind.  Every quarter, the digital experience expectations of customers, partners, and employees are increasing exponentially, even while IT budgets and team bandwidth remains static. As an example, based on a Microsoft study, “90% of consumers expect companies to have an online portal for customer service.”   

As these expectations increase, so do a litany of platforms and consulting organizations.  And as options increase, it becomes tougher and tougher for a mid market CIO to choose the right combination of product and partner.  

INVISR brings together cloud, mobile, and social technology expertise. The INVISR team delivers ROI for our clients, and utilizes Polystack to get you where you need to be, faster.

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Successfully transform your digital footprint with Polystack and INVISR’s proven implementation methodology

With INVISR and Polystack together, we create a one-stop-shop as a fully unified project team with a proprietary digital transformation enablement platform. With our powers combined, no longer do firms need to rely on multiple entities to deliver a single unified solution. Using Polystack for Portals and INVISR’s implementation methodology, we can quickly and affordably build out full blown end to end digital transformation solutions.

How does INVISR ensure a successful digital transformation journey? 

  • Implementation consulting expertise that comes from 20+ years of successful digital transformation

  • Leveraging the proven implementation methodologies to lead projects that support timeline & budget certainty with solution iteration inherent to adoption

  • Polystack for Project Management to maintain a source of truth to track and manage client and INVISR project team responsibilities and dependencies in real-time

  • Proprietary Polystack for Portals to affordably enable a best in class digital experience

Reach out to to learn more about how Polystack and INVISR together can affordably provide a world class digital experience to your customers, partners, and employees.



Polystack for Portals

As a component-based low-code application development platform, one of Polystack’s core usages is the deployment of branded and customized portals. With a portal built by Polystack, you can securely expose any number of data sources for any use case, with completely customizable branding for your customers, partners, and employees.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.10.24 AM.png

Customer & Partner Portal

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.10.40 AM.png

Employee Intranet

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.12.21 AM.png

Mobile Apps

In our experience as digital transformation consultants, INVISR built a number of portal solutions for their customers leveraging expensive technologies that require months and years of implementation time. This was challenging for two main reasons:

  • The provisioning of quality authenticated web experiences was limited to firms with a large digital budget

  • The expense of implementation significantly limited iteration, white labeling, and A/B testing, leading to suboptimal user experiences

With these limitations in mind, INVISR built Polystack. Polystack is a new type of platform, enabling world class digital experiences to the mid market: no longer is it cost prohibitive to provide the level of digital experience customers, partners, and employees have come to expect.  

Now with Polystack, INVISR’s digital transformation consultants can leverage our expertise helping organizations improve the digital experiences offered to their constituents much faster with a higher total ROI.  Together, INVISR and Polystack enable a much lower total cost of ownership for a world class digital experience.

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 12.41.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 12.42.59 PM.png

Build an authenticated experience for your customers and partners, integrated in real-time to any combination of back office platforms. In as little as four weeks, go-live with a completely branded experience.

With Polystack, leverage an existing portal solution like Salesforce Communities for security and authentication, or any existing external authentication provider as the security framework for any web or mobile user interface.  

Contact us at to learn about how quickly and affordably your organization can improve the digital experience offered to your constituents with Polystack!



Rapid Digital Transformation with Polystack

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Welcome to the first of what will be several posts describing the key ways in which Polystack has helped our customers successfully implement and deploy digital business applications.  These posts will cover a broad range of subjects, ranging from large scale use case driven solutions to individual product features. But first, let’s start from square one: 

What is Polystack? 

Polystack is a component-based low-code application development platform that radically simplifies the deployment of digital solutions.  With Polystack, businesses can bind any API-available data source to any Polystack Component, configure any process, and create a fully branded user experience without the need to code. Polystack enables users to develop and deploy a business application in days or weeks, not months or years.

In short, Polystack allows you to build an application that integrates to anything, looks anyway you want it to look, to do anything.

Why businesses are choosing Polystack?

As consultants, INVISR heard challenges from our customers that rolled up to a few common themes:

  • Bespoke applications led to challenges unifying data and digital experiences 

  • Available solutions prohibitively expensive and complex for all but large-enterprise firms

  • Digital expectations of customers, partners, and employees exponentially increasing year after year

As a result, INVISR created Polystack to provide a simple and affordable platform to extend the capabilities of existing applications to create a unified digital experience to any constituent group. 

Deploy a digital banking front end with Polystack

Deploy a digital banking front end with Polystack

Customers already on INVISR’s Polystack low-code platform have seen:

  • Drastically increased time to value

  • Seamless unification of business applications

  • Frictionless integration of disparate data sources

  • Increased user engagement

  • Minimized change fatigue

  • Reduced total cost of ownership

  • Significantly reduced technical debt

Key use cases include: mobile applications, intranets, data visualization, and portal solutions for customers and partners.

Reach out to us at to learn what it can do for you!

Create an employee intranet with Polystack in as little as two weeks!

Create an employee intranet with Polystack in as little as two weeks!



INVISR Launches First Polystack for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Solution for Mortgage Loan Orgination

INVISR today announced its first Salesforce Financial Services Cloud solution, powered by INVISR's Polystack platform.  Polystack for Mortgage Loan Origination extends the power of Salesforce to support the full end-to-end mortgage lead to fulfillment solution for lenders, borrowers, and brokers.  This is the first of INVISR's Polystack for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud solutions; architected to extend the power of Salesforce while minimizing the time and cost to implement traditionally complex solutions. 

"We are ecstatic to be bringing our Polystack Mortgage Loan Origination product to market to extend the power of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud enabling a fully configurable user experience with native integration technology that can connect to any API in minutes," said Tal Gozhansky, INVISR co-founder.  "With our Polystack for Mortgage Loan Origination framework, mortgage lending organizations are able to realize improved data consistency and higher productivity while providing a robust platform to support the day-to-day business processes of borrowers, lenders, and brokers."

Polystack for Mortgage Loan Origination extends Salesforce's Financial Services Cloud to support core use cases, including:

  • Lead Creation, Management, and Conversion

  • Application and Loan Questionnaire Management

  • Automatic Household Groupings

  • Credit Check with One-Click Decisioning

  • Streamlined Loan

  • Pre-Qualification

  • Streamlined Loan Origination

  • SMS/Email Marketing with De-Duplication

  • Commission & Goal-Tracking

  • LO/MB Team Management & Tracking

  • Referral Process Management

  • Integrated Customized Pricing with Configurable Post Processing

  • Approval/Due Diligence Checklist

  • Real-Time Loan Status

  • View of Borrower and Agent/3rd Party Relationships

  • Reports & Data Visualization

  • Real Estate Agent Portal

  • 3rd Party Originator Portal

  • Borrower Portal


What we've been up to


What we've been up to

When my business partners and I launched INVISR as a Salesforce Implementation consultancy in early 2015, it made sense.  Our launch team had decades of collective Salesforce consulting expertise, there was a clearly defined need within the marketplace, and we had relationships within the Salesforce ecosystem to help get us off the ground.  In the subsequent three years, our team at INVISR built a profitable consulting business with a capacity for growth.

So then why?  Why, after spending years building a successful consulting business, would we throw our hat into the ring of the hypercompetitive software product marketplace?  A marketplace with much more risk, less certainty, and where relationships carry less weight. Why’d we do it?

As technology consultants, we focused our careers on the Salesforce platform because of the power of its vision.  Adopting cloud technology well before it was in vogue, Salesforce has been two steps ahead of the market since its inception almost two decades ago.  And Salesforce continues to innovate today, rapidly expanding the ability to transform their customer’s ability to run their businesses.

Yet still, consulting companies like INVISR are plentiful given the time required to configure and customize an enterprise application  to their customer’s needs. Worse still, when a firm purchases an enterprise technology solution, they are frequently unaware of the implementation complexity necessary to tailor the technology to their use cases, which translates both to dollars and timeline.   Over our time as consultants for the hundreds of customers we’ve worked with, we couldn’t help wondering: shouldn’t this be easier?

Our answer is Polystack;  built to extend and complement the power of applications and enterprise solutions like Salesforce.  Polystack is a low-code application development platform constructed to increase our client’s ability to leverage their existing enterprise technology stack, with a significantly reduced cost and time to market.  

For example, Polystack solutions for Salesforce can enhance the already great features to extend beyond typical use cases; like of Loan Origination, Project Management, and building a completely customized  UI/UX front-end for a customer portal, website mobile app and more. Polystack can also integrate with any datasource using configuration only within minutes; no need for code. And because it is hosted on AWS, our client’s can build on Polystack with their own resources; no need for our customer’s to train their IT staff on a new technology.   

So why’d we do it?  Because we love the direction enterprise technology like Salesforce is spearheading, yet  know that Polystack can compliment the market and do even more for their customers with less time and money.

Hit us up at to learn what it can do for you!

Tal Gozhansky


INVISR Extends Reach of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with Custom Implementations and Best Practices


INVISR Extends Reach of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with Custom Implementations and Best Practices

INVISR participates as Salesforce Financial Services Cloud launch partner to transform the client-advisor experience to ensure financial advisor teams optimize their client relationships

March 10, 2016 05:35 PM Eastern Standard Time

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--INVISR today announced it is extending the reach of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with its best practice and implementation offerings. Financial Services Cloud is generally available for purchase today, empowering advisors to build deeper, 1-to-1 client relationships, be more productive and engage more holistically with clients anywhere and on any device.

The combination of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, along with implementation and integration services from INVISR, will help financial advisors to manage the entire client experience and relationship management process holistically. With the new options, financial advisor clients gain a deeper understanding of relationships, more insight into household information, capability to capture KYC, views into Financial Accounts and 360-degree views of their full book of business.

Comments on the News

  • “Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, yet again proves Salesforce’s deep understanding of the needs of Financial Services customers,” said Tal Gozhansky, INVISR co-founder. “This new release provides an innovative, end to end solution that we can easily integrate, implement and extend for the next generation of financial advisors looking to provide efficient and effective services.”
  • "The future is here, and it's advice, not administrative tasks. Salesforce is transforming the advisor-client relationship for the digital age," said Simon Mulcahy, GM of Financial Services, Salesforce. "INVISR is supporting Salesforce in its mission to deliver a new era through proactive, personalized and goal-based collaborative advice."

About Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is transforming the client-advisor relationship by empowering advisors to build deeper, 1-to-1 relationships with clients; enabling advisors to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on investors; and allowing advisors to engage more comprehensively with clients and their households on any device at any time.

Additional Resources

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INVISR Gets Inspired this Holiday Season!


INVISR Gets Inspired this Holiday Season!

At INVISR we are committed to giving back to the community we serve. In partnership with Mary Scotton (@rockchick322004), Developer Evangelist at Salesforce, INVISR sponsored a holiday “morning of inspiration” breakfast at Grace Institute in Downtown Manhattan. We visited the women of Grace Institute with the goal of providing encouragement, helpful tips, and resources for managing the job search process and periods of change.

Grace Institute is a nonprofit organization that empowers underserved women, ages 18-65 in the New York area to achieve employment and economic self-sufficiency. Within a supportive and structured environment, Grace Institute provides job-skills training, counseling, placement services and continuous learning opportunities that lead to upwardly mobile employment.

As new graduates of the program, many of the women at the event were actively engaged in the job search process with the assistance of the career placement services office at Grace Institute. INVISR attended not only to help lead the event, but to share information about Salesforce, CRM systems in general, and how to learn more about Salesforce using the Trailhead program.

We met some amazing women at the event and heard their stories about how Grace Institute has helped them to make transitions in their life and into successful careers. Leaving the event, we felt inspired and motivated to continue our work to empower organizations like Grace Institute to use the power of the Salesforce platform to make the world a better place.

If you’re interested in learning more about Grace Institute and opportunities to volunteer or otherwise support the wonderful work Grace Institute is doing in NYC, please reach out to Gina Avila, Director of Alumnae Affairs at You can also learn more about Grace by visiting them on the web at

From everyone at INVISR: Happy New Year to our friends, families, customers, and partners! INVISR is thankful for everything that 2015 held, and we look forward to bright ideas and new challenges in 2016.


Hello! Let's Innovate


Hello! Let's Innovate

Welcome to our blog and newly launched site! We’ve been working over the summer to refine our services and products, and Dreamforce is the perfect time to bring our new perspective to the Salesforce ecosystem and to any business seeking cloud technology solutions.

INVISR is a product development and consulting company, focused on innovation and customer success. We bring a fresh perspective into transforming the businesses of our customers, and use cutting-edge cloud development techniques to deliver client results.

Based in New York City, the INVISR team has been working exclusively in the cloud space since 2003 and has decades of combined experience across varied industries. We apply our collective knowledge in cloud, mobile, and social technology to re-invent the way you do business. 

We look forward to hearing from you. If you want to meet up with us at Dreamforce ’15 – send us a note at