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Our Team


Our Team


tal gozhansky - co-founder

Tal Gozhansky comes with an extensive background in software development, financial services (banking, wealth management, insurance, etc,) and enterprise implementations of technology solutions. Tal has led projects and teams at firms such as UBS, Citigroup, and Salesforce.com. His experience in areas such as CRM, Master Data Management and Business Process Reengineering, along with his focus on client experience, and overall understanding of the Financial Services industry has led to tremendous success with his current client base and at his previous employers. Additionally, Tal has worked at a leading social media platform where he educated clients on the use of technology to manage social media strategies.


wes weingartner - Co-Founder

Wes is a lifetime technologist with a love of mathematics. He has a passion for knowledge and a limitless curiosity. As the son of a 30-year teacher, his extensive background in the education space turned into a passion for mentoring others.

Wes has been developing applications for 15 years. Although he has used and managed teams using a variety of architecture stacks and languages, his focus is to produce stable and production ready web & mobile applications using the most current technology.

Wes advises and implements INVISR’s technical direction while overseeing all development efforts. He is committed to clearing a path for businesses to achieve innovation through a scalable transformation in how they use technology.


daniel nakov - vp, engineering

Daniel brings a healthy mix of enterprise software architecture and cutting-edge technology experience. From his childhood days of programming in Pascal and setting up LAN networks, to building manufacturing software solutions on SAP and Salesforce, to designing completely custom web and mobile apps, he's a true believer that using the best possible technology delivers a competitive advantage.

He enhances and deeply understands the newest web and mobile technologies to design scalable systems. Currently, Amazon Web Services and React.js are part of his daily life. In his spare time, he experiments with new programming languages and compilers, reads sci-fi and tries to teach his infant son programming.

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Halvard Lange - VP, Plural Solutions

Halvard has had a love for technology, science, and efficient solutions since childhood, and is passionate about delivering competitive advantage to clients through efficient and scalable software solutions.Hailing from Norway, his passion for running landed him a collegiate running scholarship in the US. After studying physics and mechanical engineering at Columbia, he worked in a renewable energy startup developing and implementing key business and technical operating processes and systems, helping the company scale from 30 to over 300 employees over a period of 3 years.

After joining INVISR in November 2017, Halvard has used his experience in project and product management, QA/QC, and operations to help clients solve problems, implement the right solutions and succeed. Halvard also supports the team in managing the development efforts of INVISR’s proprietary software solutions, including Polystack.

In his spare time, Halvard trains for and runs a variety of races, from the beer mile to the marathon, and holds the company record in both.

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jeb hunsinger - vp, sales

Jeb Hunsinger joined INVISR in November of 2018 to support the launch of Polystack.  He leads INVISR’s sales and partnership efforts, bringing with him over fifteen years of experience working in cloud technology and software as a service.  With experience in product management, strategic account management, QA, and operations, he serves as a consultant through the technology purchasing process focusing first on the best interests of customer organization.  

A native of Seattle, Jeb spends his spare time “encouraging” his infant twin daughters to root for the Seahawks, Huskies, and Mariners.